The Russian-speaking ransomware group Stormous is claiming to have stolen 161GB of data from Coca-Cola

2 MIN READ   ARTICLE Coca-Cola Investigates Data-Theft Claims After Ransomware Attack The Stormous ransomware group is offering purportedly stolen Coca-Cola data for sale on its leak site, but the soda giant hasn’t confirmed that the heist happened. By Becky Bracken, Editor April 27, 2022 Source: Ekaterina Mineva via Alamy The Russian-speaking ransomware group Stormous…

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Airbnb includes California cannabis farm in its offering, Wait…Is that legal?

Cannabis enthusiasts who love to travel must be thrilled for this California marijuana farm joining up with the one and only Airbnb. That’s right, the popular vacation home rental website has teamed up with Sonoma Hills Farm, including it in its offering, revealed Fox 11. Is this legal?  Well, technically it is, because guests are not allowed to access,…

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Small Business Owner Guide to Workers’ Compensation

workers compensation guide for small business owners

Here is an aricle that gives small business owners some answers to the following questions; What is worker’s compensation? Why do you need worker’s compensation insurance? Who is required to have a workers’ compensation policy? Where do you get workers’ compensation insurance? How are premiums set for workers’ compensation? How much does a workers’ compensation…

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