The eCommerce marketplace has become one of the fastest growing avenues available for small businesses. Online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, eBay and more that allow private sellers now require liability insurance. Sellers without coverage cannot operate on these platforms, and not partnering with an insurance brokerage that understands the specific needs of an eCommerce client could result in exclusion from reaching millions of buyers. Additionally, private sellers may require additional coverage to coverage liability for accidental injury or damage at their place of business.
Grand Mutual leverages its extensive knowledge of eCommerce retail and the owners that operate in this market to deliver fast and comprehensive coverage customized for businesses operating online.

Important Notes Regarding eCommerce Product Liability

Quotes provided by our agency are for the United States only unless specified otherwise. If your business requires coverage for international territories, please provide us with a list of countries as well as a breakdown of annual sales per country.
Minimum annual pricing for product liability policies starts at about $1,000 USD and pricing varies on the products and exposures insured.
If your business adds new products we must be notified in order to receive approval from your insurance carrier.